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Tough Lessons Learned

This post took me awhile to write because honestly, I was feeling pretty negative towards it.

I’m usually pretty fastidious, and I border on OCD, so when I do something careless, it’s slightly devastating; and this time it involved something I made with love & care, and the fix took hours.

In a nutshell, I washed my Anise jacket. Now, as I’d prewashed all my fabrics, and they were all washable, my reasoning was actually sound… however, I clearly had a thing or two to learn about fabric, which I’ll share with you now.

The fabric I used for my outer jacket shell was a larger weave, slightly thick cotton or bamboo (narrowed it down via burn test). The fabric, in hindsight, wasn’t the best choice because despite its weight, it’s a little too drapey and causes the jacket to bag a little with wear. I figured it’d tighten up in the wash….

Unfortunately, the other downfall (that I didn’t discover til it was too late) is that in the wash, anywhere there’s hand sewing (of which there’s a lot) as well as corners and anywhere there’s a fold, the fibers in this fabric separate and pull, and this is what ultimately happened:


That’s just one area of devastation. In addition, the following had to be fixed by hand:

– holes in fold of collar
– tears in corners of welts
– front panel folds detached

It took me awhile to bring myself to do the repairs but I finally buckled down and did them the other night. Now all it needs is a press and I think it’ll be good to go.

Lesson learned; next time I’m using wool for my outerwear 🙂