Monthly Archives: March 2011

It’s only a blog title

So I was sitting here trying to come up with a nice witty and clever blog title but since I don’t have anything in particular to say except “here i am” then I figured it was only a blog title and why pretend it’s anything more grandiose than that.

I have other blogs you know. Windows Live was kind enough to transfer one of them that i didn’t know I had to this new place but when I saw what I had transfered without knowing it, I kind of didn’t want to be represented by what was there. It was funny, sure, but it wasn’t me.

So here I am. I’m not sure how much of my mysterious spooky self will be revealed on this fresh canvas but I guess like anything else in life, it’s an adventure that will only reveal itself if we choose to accept the challenge.

So… if you want to follow the brave princess into the cave, turn to page 13. If you decide to go on alone, turn to page 182 (yeah you know what’s there don’t you…. keep your finger here for when you decide to change your mind) And if you want to run home screaming then fine… go ahead… but don’t you kind of want to tuck your fears away and just go for it? I think you just might 🙂