Will knitting make me look old? lol

I always knew I’d eventually cave but today I decided it’s time to learn how to knit!

Honestly. I have no clue what I’m getting into here; unlike when I started sewing, I have no background of familiarity to draw on, so it’s gonna be… interesting lol. I look at knitting “patterns” and haven’t the foggiest what they mean… I don’t even understand the most basic terminology.

However, I’ve been really inspired by Lladybird and Tasia of Sewaholic, as well as many other of you talented bloggers & I can no longer resist the lure of making cute, chic cardis and sweaters in colours and yarns of my own 🙂

So! Join me in my adventure if you will – I’m sure it’ll be good for a few laughs, and maybe I’ll make something cool somewhere along the way! 🙂

I enrolled in the Knit Lab class on Craftsy & joined Ravelry. Anyone who wants to add me (I’m Symondezyn) I’d love to stalk your makes, and will welcome any help or tips you’d like to share – I’m a complete, utter noob at this!!!!

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19 responses to “Will knitting make me look old? lol

  • punkmik

    YaY another knitter! I Need to pick it up again. Thinking something little will b good like a hat or so. And I see so many people knit on trains or in places waiting now! So awesome!

  • dottiedoodle

    I love knitting! Though was once asked by two little girls, ” are you knitting? Like in the olden days?” Recommend some fingerless gloves to start with, then you’ll quickly complete something wearable.

  • sewbusylizzy

    I love knitting. Used to hate it but it fills my non sewing gaps perfectly and the results are so cute with my sewing projects! Go girl!!

    • symondezyn

      It was actually YOUR recent Chuck that put me over the edge!!!! ^_^ (beautiful work, btw) I can never find cute cardis that go with my style & I thought if you guys can do it maybe I can too! 🙂

      • sewbusylizzy

        Thanks! Chuck would be a tough one for a beginner 🙂 lots of people start with Miette. I loved knitting Idlewood, it’s just a massive tube all in knit stitch, could get a tad boring – I was travelling when I knitted it so it didn’t bother me.

        • symondezyn

          Oh I don’t think I’ll be starting with Chuck!! lol!! I do have my eye on Miette though 🙂 I’m doing the Knit Lab Craftsy class so there’s a scarf project in that, but after that I’m thinking either a bag or fingerless gloves, then… maybe a top/sweater? 🙂 I’ve got a BUNCH of patterns tagged on Ravelry already!! lol

  • busylizzieinbrizzy

    I love knitting too, it’s very therapeutic and makes a nice change from sewing.

  • MarrieB

    Once you get the hang of it, I think you will love knitting! It’s seriously addicting though! 🙂 Another good resource is knittinghelp.com. I looked at that site a lot when I was learning, it has short videos of each stitch and a glossary of terms that are common in knitting patterns.

  • Calico Stretch

    Oh no you’re doomed! Not!!! I knit sometimes but not for me cos it takes too long. Yup but I’m happy to sew for 6 months on something – go figure.

    Good on you – I shall stalk your makes because I knit vicariously through others. Mostly 😉

  • Miss Crayola Creepy

    I learned to knit from that Craftsy class. I’m kind of hooked now. I’ve made a few things and now I’m starting on the Miette sweater. But without that class I don’t think I would have learned so much!

    • symondezyn

      It’s awesome right?? She is a great teacher, and it’s so helpful that they posted little mini-videos for each technique! I knew absolutely ZERO when I started watching it, and now I know about needles, yarn, how to cast on, and two different kinds of stitches – YAY! I only wish they’d covered how to find the end of a ball of yarn, because i totally made yarn vomit last night trying to find mine LOL. Spent all night re-rolling it, and didn’t even get a single stitch done 😛

      I think my first sweater will be the basic v-neck raglan sweater pattern by the same instructor of the class. She also teaches a fitting class as well, which I will definitely partake in, as soon as Craftsy has a sale 😉 I have Miette on my list also, but since it’ll be fall by the time I am ready to attempt a sweater, I might wait until next spring to make her 🙂

  • Zoe

    Knitting becomes extremely addictive. Take my mother, she has been knitting every single day of her life for almost 15 years… One of the couches in the lounge is dedicated to wool, as well as 5 drawers, 2 ginormous rolling bins and half a cupboard. You get the picture! It is quite fulfilling though, she knits blankets for orphans and puppy jumpers for puppies at the SPCA 🙂

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