Black Sheep PJ’s for Mum’s Day

My beautiful mum loves sheep, and she has always said she is the black sheep of her family… and while our family was considerably smaller, I grew up feeling the same way. My mum taught me it was ok to be different, and sometimes even a good thing; as long as your values are solid, which because of her, they are 🙂

So for Mother’s Day this year I was inspired by this fabric from Blackbird – it’s a Japanese cotton with little sheeps all over it – I thought, what if I made her some pj pants, and coloured in just one little sheep to represent her black sheep persona? 🙂

And what if, I made myself a matching pair so we could be black sheep together as mum and daughter?

So with this idea germinated I went forth and did just that 🙂

(pic of me in mine… no pic of mummy in hers, but she was pleased with them nonetheless)


Closeup of the two black sheeps:

black sheep

I did some test sheep first, to decide what medium to use to colour them in, and did a wash test to determine which would wash the best. I chose to use acrylic because it gave a kind of wooly look once it had been washed:


And just because it’s been a trend lately, I’ll include another pic of Lola:


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16 responses to “Black Sheep PJ’s for Mum’s Day

  • Suzanne

    Love the black sheep! And the pajamas have a nice drape to them on you.

  • Annabelle

    What a great idea to make matching pajamas for you and your mum! I bet she really appreciated them, so much better than a store bought gift. I’ve only knit my mom a cowl, but she loves all my handmades and I know she would appreciate more.

    I like how you embrace being the “black sheep” – it can have such a negative connotation to it, but it really just means you are different. And you are right, if you are confident in why you are different, and hold strong to your values, then it’s okay.

    • symondezyn

      Thanks Annabelle 🙂 My mum is a MUCH better seamstress than me so it’s a bit nerve wracking to sew for her; I figured pjs were doable ^_^

      It’s funny; I never viewed being the black sheep as a negative but I guess it’s true it has that connotation in society…. in our home it was just synonymous with being unique ^_^

  • Calico Stretch

    Aw what a lovely lovely pressie for you and you mum. She’s a very lucky black sheep ;-).

    I have to say that the PJs I make for myself are possibly my favourite garments. I get a feeling of comfortable pride when I wear them….more than other more complicated makes. Funny hey!

  • Carolyn

    Oh, that is the cutest idea ever! I love that you made matching jammies for you and your Mum. The lone black sheep is adorable. What a lovely gift 🙂

  • mrsmole

    My Basque grandfather was a sheepherder and I was told there is one black sheep for every 100 white sheep…so being in the best 1% is very special in my books! Nothing says I Love You like a comfy pair of PJ’s…what a great gift!

    • symondezyn

      that’s really cool; what a wonderful profession – he must have had a special rapport with those lovely animals 🙂 I will attest to the fact that my mum is definitely in the 1% if not even more rare ^_^

  • fabrickated

    That’s a nice story Mrs Mole. I remember the young Lady Di wearing a jumper with a black sheep on it and the press having a field day about it’s meaning. But when you have a whole crowd of them you will often have a black one or two. Great jammies and great that you did some fabric printing. You could replicate the sheep on a T shirt to match (maybe a present for next year….)

  • Tia Dia

    I totally love these. And the black sheep! Truly the 1% are the best!

  • ooobop

    Ha! We’ve done another great minds thing again! I just made my daughter sheep sleep shorts! I love your story, Amanda and your pjs. I’ll be joining that black sheep camp then too! xxx

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